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Poll Results

What is the main trade-off you make to live in Squamish?

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I am always/often broke. 13 votes 17.33 %
I live in housing that is less than I would like. 7 votes 9.33 %
I rent rather than own a home. 14 votes 18.67 %
I have to commute. 7 votes 9.33 %
I spend less time with family/friends. 9 votes 12.00 %
Other. 4 votes 5.33 %
I don't give up anything. I can have it all here. 14 votes 18.67 %
I work a job I don't like/get paid less than I could. 4 votes 5.33 %
I have had to forgo affordable childcare. 3 votes 4.00 %

Total votes: 75

The Squamish Chief poll is a sampling of public opinion intended solely to allow our readers to express themselves on issues of the day. Its findings may not be representative of the general population of Squamish or other areas.