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Squamish Adventure Centre to receive upgrades

A $700,000 grant from the province will foot the bill.
Squamish Aventure Centre Aug. 11
The Squamish Adventure Centre.

Council has given the green light to a series of renovations that are expected to give the Squamish Adventure Centre a substantial makeover.

The total price tag is anticipated to run up to about $700,000, paid for by a grant from the province's Tourism Dependent Communities Fund.

On Sept. 28, elected officials voted unanimously in favour of approving staff's suggested changes to the building.

As a result, plans will be drawn up, and renovations are expected to start sometime in December this year.

This latest presentation follows feedback from council.

Elected officials had previously asked staff to consider a design that would be cost-neutral after it was revealed that the centre costs about $90,000 in upkeep each year.

Municipal bureaucrats took this into account when presenting a revamped proposal on Tuesday.

Staff hope new tenancy opportunities, including market space, will help shore up some revenue. In addition, there is expected to be more space dedicated to public arts and community events.

The renovations would open up the theatre to make more space for events, and integrate a  curved screen and audio-visual improvements.

The gift store will be relocated, and the partitioning wall in the area will be removed.

Patio improvements will include a new stairway to the grass, as well as a children's play area.

Kitchen space will be converted to office space to make more area to lease, though there will still be food facilities in the building.

However, water will stop flowing from the iconic fountain, as staff say the upkeep costs on this part of the building are too great.

Improved highway signage is also part of the deal.