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Elevating financial wellness for the Squamish community

For decades, the BlueShore Financial team has provided expert advice and premium service for Squamish locals
Find solutions for your financial needs at BlueShore Financial in Squamish.

Whether it’s your dentist, doctor or personal trainer, these are relationships that are rooted in goals, stretch across decades and are ultimately geared towards long-term well-being.

It’s precisely those same attributes that apply when navigating your financial health – and the team at BlueShore Financial in Squamish is equipped with the institutional knowledge and solutions to help you do just that.

“The expert advice that we provide is customized for each client,” explains Diana Rowat, financial advisor at BlueShore. “We don’t template our advice because we know every person's needs and goals are unique. We take the time to really discover what those are for each client, and then work to help them achieve what financial wellness means to them.”

Whether you’re new to Squamish, or have lived in the Sea to Sky region for many years, the BlueShore team can assist you in creating a financial plan to set you up for success at any life stage. The team takes a holistic approach to assess and support your full financial picture. Here are five items to consider when assessing your financial future: 

  1. Review your existing portfolio 

Picture this first step as setting up a checklist to review where you are, where you’re going and how to get there effectively. Rowat and her team help clients review day-to-day banking needs and account options, credit card packages, and investment and portfolio choices to make sure everything is suitable, timely and topical.

  1. Explore growth options

Rowat also helps clients prepare for the future by focusing on financial growth options that they can act on right away. For example, if your cash flow allows it, tucking away $300 a month can help you save for a goal or help establish an emergency fund for the future. There are many interest-bearing options to explore: term deposits, GICs, or high-interest savings accounts.

  1. Wealth protection

Reviewing insurance options ensures that the wealth you’ve accumulated is protected and that your needs are tailored to whatever stage you and your family find yourselves in. There are many types to choose from, and the BlueShore team can speak with you one-on-one to make sure all your questions are answered.

  1. Save for education with RESPs 

“Whether it’s for yourself, your child or even a grandchild, make sure to take full advantage of Registered Education Savings Plans, and top up your contributions with a variety of available government grants,” Rowat says. “There is only so much you can invest per year, so these grants are really helpful. Plus, you get one year of catch-up room if you miss out on maximizing your contribution in a particular year.”

  1. Retirement planning

Whether it’s decades away or just around the corner, you should have a retirement plan. Rowat and her team can spell out some of the common acronyms in finance such as registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) and registered retirement income funds (RRIFs), and help make your money work for you when you’re done working.

“We make sure that you’re making the right contributions for your RRSPs according to your tax bracket and retirement goals, whereas your TFSAs on the other hand, can be used for both short-term and long-term goals,” Rowat says.

Beyond the dollars and cents, there are numerous intangibles that set BlueShore apart. For starters, the branch has been in Squamish for 18 years and employs team members who live in the area, have decades of collective financial expertise and personally understand locals’ needs. The combination of personalized advice, expert advisors, and commitment to client relationships all work together to build financial wellness for every client.

And because BlueShore’s head offices are located in North Vancouver, clients need not worry about time-consuming decisions being made time zones away – this streamlines applications and processing time. 

“I enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients,” Rowat says. “Our BlueShore Financial team is local, community-focused, and here to help you set yourself up for financial success.”

For more information and to find your local branch, visit  

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