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Squamish doctor is helping women feel feminine

Over more than two decades as a general practitioner, Dr. Carin Strydom saw a void in women’s healthcare.

Over more than two decades as a general practitioner, Dr. Carin Strydom saw a void in women’s healthcare.

“I have a passion for obstetrics and gynecology,” said Strydom who, in addition to 10 years in family practice in Squamish, is part of a maternity team in the region, delivering babies and caring for expectant and new mothers. “I see a full range, from women who've just had babies to post-menopausal women.”

Treating patients with the full range of health needs led Strydom to recognize a gap in the system.

“I became increasingly disillusioned about how few nonsurgical answers we have for bladder issues, sexual dysfunction and many other postmenopausal symptoms in women,” she said.

While continuing in her family practice, Strydom opened Lezara Laser and Vein Care in 2015. Among a full range of services and procedures, Lezara is the only facility in British Columbia offering the Juliet, an innovative technology that offers fast, painless, hormone-free laser treatment for gynecological health.

“A device was needed for comprehensive internal and external treatment,” Strydom said. “The Juliet is a device that fulfilled this need.”

The laser-based technology treats medical issues like stress urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and other menopausal symptoms.

“It is a fractional treatment,” she said. “That means it makes channels in the tissue and then it also applies heat so that leads to neocollagenesis and new blood vessel formation.”

This therapy offers choices for women who prefer noninvasive options, as well as for those with menopausal symptoms that cannot be treated using hormones, due to conditions like breast cancer.

In addition to this exclusive offering, Lezara offers a wide range of treatments for women and men, including general dermatology for treatment of issues like acne, rosacea, skin lesions and moles. Lezara also offers 10 different laser protocols from hair removal to laser rejuvenation.

In addition, Lezara offers CoolSculpting, which removes unwanted adipose tissue, ultrasound-guided varicose vein assessments and treatments (referral required) and radiofrequency resurfacing for rejuvenation and inflammatory skin conditions.

If you want to learn more about Lezara and Dr. Strydom, head to this website.