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Squamish paddleboarder shines at BC SUP Cup

William Smart takes first-place

For William Smart, one of the moments that stood out during the BC Stand-up Paddleboard Cup wasn't necessarily the event that ended with him standing on the podium.

It was during the course-race series, where he felt a little off.

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"I was underprepared for that event," said Smart. "That was a good moment for me to give me a knock in the head. Just kind of woke me up. The next day I was 100 per cent ready for the distance race."

That hiccup made him refocus and helped him get into the headspace that allowed for his victory in a different event, he said.

Even though he considered himself unprepared, Smart still took second place in the course-race event, which consists of three parts. The best three results out of five are taken.

The official scores show that Smart finished with 60 points. Joe Wright, the sole person to beat Smart in his category, had 66.

Smart ended up atop the podium after the Kalamalka Crossing distance event on Aug. 25.

"I was with my friend and we were paddling at a decent pace — probably going seven kilometres an hour — and then there were some little bumps, a little swell from the wind," said Smart.

"I just kind of paddled and got ahead. I was just very proud of myself when I paddled in. It was a good moment for me, because that was always one race I've wanted to try to win, but I've never gotten around to it."

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Source: Courtesy Linda Smart

Smart finished first in that event with a time of 2:05:34.7. His closest competitor, Ocean Bell Parson, had a time of 2:10:11.6.

Smart's mother, Linda, said that seeing her son win was a big moment.

"It's emotional," she said. "This one, I think, he worked really hard."

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