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Squamish woman is strongest

Tonya Motyka best over-40 female lifter in 100% RAW league

Squamish’s Tonya Motyka is officially the pound-for-pound strongest female in Canada over 40 in the 100% RAW league.

Motyka, who weighs 59.6 kilograms, was able to take the top spot in her age category after squatting 120 kilograms; bench-pressing 75 kilograms; and deadlifting 157.7.

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Altogether, the 48-year-old had a total lift of 352.5 kilograms, propelling her to a Wilks score of 395. The Wilks score allows for people of different weights to compete against each other.

The higher the Wilks, the stronger a lifter is, based on a pound-for-pound basis.

This impressive performance happened on Feb. 2 at CrossFit Squamish/Squamish Barbell.

There were two other standout women from Squamish. Forty-three-year-old Karen Ogilvie attained a Wilks score of 331.19.

Carlee Grant, 42, put on a performance that garnered a Wilks score of 319.60.

There were highlights among the Squamish men as well. They are listed below in the following format: Name (Age) - Wilks score.

Nick Morneau (34) - 455.06

Kailen Smith (20) - 402.27

Matt Lucas (41) - 331.28

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