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Get sustainably caught Seafood products from B.C. delivered to your door for an affordable price

GoodFish Seafood is a direct-to-consumer website that provides transparency in its fishing process from the ocean to your plate
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Vancouver-based GoodFish Seafood’s Co-founder. Fraser MacDonald, busy at work along the west side of Haida Gwaii. Photo via GoodFish Seafood.

GoodFish Seafood's new website gives customers the opportunity to order frozen at sea products that are sustainably caught in B.C. and delivered directly to their door.

"We are really excited to show our customers where their fish comes from and what life is like out on the fishing grounds. We hope to immerse people in B.C.'s coast and let them see all the beautiful things we get to see while working,” GoodFish co-founder Fraser MacDonald says.

“We want people to enjoy their fish and have a better appreciation for what goes into the process while connecting people with their coastal environment.”

MacDonald established GoodFish along with Samuel Gartside and Dylan Dick.

MacDonald, who grew up fishing on Vancouver Island, bought his first fishing boat in 2011 to fish spot prawns, and expanded his operation in 2017 with a freezer boat to catch albacore tuna and halibut.

He met Gartside while backpacking in 2010 and the two kept in touch throughout the years. When Gartside moved to Canada from Australia in 2016 to fish with MacDonald, they began their plans to build the GoodFish business.

Now in 2022, Dick, who also fished with MacDonald in 2013, has been brought into the company for his expertise in sales and knowledge of the fishing and hospitality industries.

"B.C. is home to plenty of great seafood, but I was never able to sell much of it directly to the consumer myself, because I was out on the water fishing most of the time. It's hard to do both," MacDonald adds.

GoodFish focuses on the most sustainable and healthy products, primarily albacore tuna.

“We surface troll with barbless hooks and catch each albacore one at a time. Each fish is pulled by hand, bled and blast frozen right as soon as we catch them,” MacDonald says.

"Catching our fish one at a time ensures we can maintain the high quality we strive for. We make sure every fish we catch is treated like food—from the moment it is caught until it gets to the door of our customers."

Because of the reduced speed of the fishing, there is essentially no bycatch as part of the process, which is an important part of ensuring a healthy sustainable fish stock.

“We offer complete transparency in our fishing methods,” Gartside says.

"We want to educate customers about the questions they should ask when buying seafood because having all the information can help people make purchases that align with their values,” Gartside says.

To order your own B.C. caught seafood, visit GoodFish Seafood online at

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