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Dolphins spotted off of Squamish (VIDEO)

Squamish photographer spots the mammals in Howe Sound for the second time in 56 years.

Squamish photographer Tim Cyr captured a rare sight in Howe Sound on Sunday morning, April 18.

Cyr told The Chief he saw this school of dolphins at about 10 a.m. from the Spit in the Squamish Estuary.  

They were over by the west wall, where the Squamish River runs into Howe Sound. 

They were headed toward Oceanfront Squamish (former Nexen lands) and the Mamquam Blind Channel but turned around when a boat was nearby. 

Then they headed over by Darrell Bay, and toward Watts Point, he said. 

For many years, due to marine pollution, dolphins and whales weren't seen in the sound, but that has changed over the last several years, with dolphins, orcas, and other marine life returning. 

Cyr said in his 56 years living in Squamish, he has seen dolphins in Howe Sound twice — back on March 14, 2015, and Sunday morning. 

Some fun facts about dolphins from Encyclopædia Britannica.

*Dolphins can live in either fresh or saltwater;

*Dolphins can be attracted by moving ships and may be spotted accompanying them; 

*They are social and so are often spotted in schools or pods;

*Male dolphins are called bulls and female dolphins are called cows. A baby dolphin is called a calf;

*Sightings can be reported here