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New overland company rolls into Squamish

‘It was a dream of mine to start a company like this,’ says owner of Maple Overland

In its full camping setup, a Maple Overland Jeep is a sight to behold. 

As Maple Overland owner Igor Dochkov showed off the camping rig on one of his company’s rental vehicles in Squamish on Thursday, June 1, several drivers slowed down to take a peek inside. Two mountain bikers even stopped to ask more about how to rent the Jeep and Dochkov quickly passed them a business card.

It’s safe to say it’s impressive.

Before Dochkov and his family moved from the Netherlands last year, they spent months exploring and camping around B.C. After they made the decision to move to Canada, Dochkov immediately knew what he wanted to do for work.

“It was actually a dream of mine to start a company like this in the true wilderness,” Dochkov said.

A year later, his dream is coming true. 

Now Maple Overland is fully open for business and can rent out two of these 4x4 Jeep camping rigs for campers and tourists to explore the backroads of B.C.

The rental comes with everything one might need for camping, and even a few perks, to help make the experience memorable. 

A rooftop tent provides space and comfort for up to three adults, or two adults and two children. There’s a 45-litre refrigerator in the trunk, a kitchen stove and utensils, and several chairs and a table. It also has a battery pack to charge electronics.

In case the weather sours on you, it offers a hammock and a portable awning. 

It offers a hammock and a portable awning, in case the weather sours on you. The rental even comes with a variety of ways to make coffee or tea, depending on your preference. 

“Even if you're in really remote spots, you want to start your day good,” said Dochkov.

There is also safety gear such as a first-aid kid and a fire extinguisher to go along with fire-making materials when allowed.

If you’re new to the area, Dochkov said he is happy to help with trip planning, which could include adding other outdoor adventures with local companies, such as rafting in Squamish or heli-biking in Whistler. 

Although Dochkov is just getting the business off the ground, he said he is really looking forward to serving his first clients, scheduled for later this summer.

“Your first clients, it's always exciting,” he said, adding that he hopes to see them come back with a smile.

In the short term, Dochkov is aiming to steadily grow the business locally. Down the road, he said he’d love to open a second location so customers could explore more of Canada by car. 

“Then we’ll have beautiful trips possible,” he said.

For now, however, Dochkov is enjoying sharing his passion with others. 

“It's a hobby, which turned into work [and now] into a business,” he said. “It’s fun.”

For him, it’s all about helping others experience the province the way he and his family first did. 

“Really, I try to help people explore B.C. in the way they feel comfortable,” he said. 

For more information about rentals from Maple Overland, or to learn more about Igor Dochkov, visit

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