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Squamish Constellation organizers launch concert series to see us through winter

Little Dipper Concert Series to start at the Brackendale Art Gallery on Nov. 13.

The folks behind the Squamish Constellation Festival are set to unveil a series of concerts that will take place throughout this winter in Squamish.

The Little Dipper Concert Series will include 10 shows between November and March at the Brackendale Art Gallery

“We are doing this Little Dipper series to help bring music and creativity and love back to Squamish,” said Patricia Heintzman, one of the partners in the Squamish Constellation Festival. “We’re hoping to do these every couple of weeks at the Brackendale Art Gallery and possibly other venues throughout the year.”

The first show is set for Nov. 13 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will include two performers, Belflower and Luca Fogale. 

“Belflower is a local emerging group, really talented duo, who have a whole bunch of new music coming out and so we thought, what better way to provide them with an opportunity than to open for Luca [Fogale]," she said. 

Soulful indie-folk, singer-songwriter Fogale, based out of Burnaby, has performed all over the globe, including Europe, U.k., Japan, Australia and the U.S. His music has been streamed approximately 60 million times. 

Heintzman noted that tickets for the series are limited to 135 to be consistent with the capacity guidelines. Additionally, she said there will be seats available for ticket holders and the series will require proof of vaccination.

Heintzman said this series has been in the works for a couple of years.

“We had actually started this in January of 2020,” said Heintzman. “And, unfortunately, the pandemic stopped that whole series, so this is something we've been wanting to do for almost two years now.”

“As COVID restrictions started to ease, we thought, well, let's reinvigorate this opportunity, this idea.”

The first concert will be a big night for Belflower's Alex Badger and Tim Creviston in more ways than one.

It will also be the first in-person show the duo has performed.

“We have never played a live show before. So this is our first one, and it seemed like a good way to start. And we are huge fans of Luca Fogale, so it's very exciting for us,” said Badger, vocalist for Belflower.

With the band based in Vancouver, she said that playing in front of a home crowd will be a “surreal” experience. 

“Brackendale is a very special place,” said Badger. “I was definitely influenced by it as a teenager. It's where I started writing songs and kind of where it all began. So it's really neat to come back.”

Additionally, Badger said the lyrics for the upcoming album were largely written while she was in Brackendale.

“I would just walk down at the river every day and write and that's kind of how this album was born,” she said.

Though the album has yet to be released, Badger said the songs at the concert would be somewhat of a teaser for the new album. In its final stages of mixing, she predicted it would be released sometime in the spring of 2022.

After the release, the duo plans to tour.

“We do plan to tour and play some local shows and hopefully get on some bills with more artists that we love like Luca Fogale.”

Although Belflower and Luca Fogale are the only artists announced so far, Heintzman said to keep an eye out for more announcements soon.

Regarding the Squamish Constellation Festival, Heintzman said the team was already ramping up plans, despite some lingering unknowns 

“We're fully in planning mode for 2022. Hoping to come back bigger and better than ever,” she said. 

“It's always the unknown of whether the pandemic will trend in the wrong direction and various restrictions come back. So there's always a risk to planning these types of things. But we're moving forward with optimism.”

For more information about the Little Dipper Concert Series, including how to get tickets, or the Squamish Constellation Festival, visit or