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BYELECTION 2006: Candidates questioned

This week's question: What do you think makes you the best candidate for council? David Clarkson: There are several qualities that I feel make me the best candidate for Council.

This week's question: What do you think makes you the best candidate for council?

David Clarkson:

There are several qualities that I feel make me the best candidate for Council.

Firstly, being the only young person, I know that I have a unique and important perspective that would contribute invaluably towards the atmosphere, decision-making, and effective leadership of Council.

Secondly, I strongly believe that I am the candidate who best addresses the many diverse issues in this by-election.

Lastly, I feel that I am the candidate who is least biased. I am not a property owner, and, at the age of 18, I simply cannot foresee any possible conflicts of interest arising should I be elected.

Spencer Fitschen:

During this enormous growth cycle, I believe that some of the most fundamental pieces of community have been neglected; the people that call Squamish home and the natural environment that we live in.

For example, when my family moved to Squamish in the late 1970s there was a pool, soccer fields, an off-road motorcycle track, a lacrosse box, and a sheet of ice in the works; look around today and you will find amenities gone, 40-50 per cent more people, countless more visitors and no plan for us except growth. I will work to establish balance for our future.

Greg Gardner:

First, I am both very proud of and passionate about Squamish and the people who live here. I am also fortunate to have had a diverse background of educational and professional experiences which include working in forestry, practising law, running businesses and leading many volunteer community initiatives. These experiences give me the background to deal with the many issues facing us. They also allow me to represent our entire community so that we can move forward together. In summary, I believe that I would bring strong, reasoned and independent decision making and leadership to our council at this critical time.

Randy Lewis:

I was born in Squamish 48 years ago and raised on our Squamish Nation reserve, Cheekye I.R. #11, my brothers', sisters' and cousins' playgrounds were the rivers and mountains in our Cheakamus and Upper Squamish River watersheds. We as young children and our elders of the day remember there were millions of herring still spawning in our Squamish estuary, today the Nexen site is cleaned up and major fish channel restoration is happening as we speak. I believe we can make better choices for the land and water which will create future certainty for our collective community socio-economics.

Larry McLennan:

As a professional accountant, I bring to council an ability to address not only municipal budget and financial management matters but also the ability to bring forward solutions to ongoing challenges with regard to municipal corporations (Adventure Centre, Squamish Oceanfront). It is important for any candidate to not be focusing on only one issue (ie., development proposals, land or power projects) at the expense of addressing the many issues council must consider. I have no self-interested bias in how Squamish grows and will make decisions based on the greater good of the community. Vote Larry McLennan.

Terrill Patterson:

I am the best candidate for council, as I am the only candidate that can take part in council deliberations immediately, for I involve myself in local government throughout the year, not a few weeks prior to an election.

Ted Prior:

A councillor must be trustworthy, sincere, respectful and dedicated with a proven commitment to building this community. Inclusivity and creativity shape this person's vision, a vision that learns from the past but is rooted in the future. They have a wealth of knowledge that includes 20-plus years of committee, board and volunteer experience...good old-fashioned Squamish know-how. And perhaps above all, they have the ability to draw out the best in the people they work with. These are the qualities I bring to this position that I believe make me, Ted Prior, Squamish's best choice in the upcoming byelection.

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