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Divers find drone and hard drive in Squamish lake.

Divers retrieve more than 23 kilograms of trash off the bottom of the popular lake

Did you head out on an inflatable and dump a hard drive into Squamish's Browning Lake? Well, if so, divers retrieved it for you. 

Henry Wang, with Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans, has been retrieving trash from Squamish lakes for years. 

At this recent dive with fellow volunteers at Murrin Provincial Park, Wang and fellow volunteers hauled out about 23 kilograms (52lbs) of trash, including the hard drive.

Wang said there is an old myth that Browning Lake is the deepest lake in B.C., but it is only eight metres (27-feet) deep; thus, if someone thought they could get rid of the computer hardware there permanently, they were mistaken. 

Regardless, the divers hauled it and much more out of the lake. 

Divers also found a drone. 

Wang and fellow divers clean this popular lake every year, he said.

Locals can support the work the divers do in Squamish here.