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Praise for the Elks Club


A ladle full of daffodils to our Parent Advisory Council for treating all of our students, staff, and parents to a wonderful pancake breakfast. Special thanks to Alison Scully for initiating this event and to the Squamish Elks Club for loaning us their grills. Elks Club members Peter Harris and Steve Waters provided tremendous assistance with preparation and cooking. Thanks also to Starbucks for providing coffee for our staff and parents. This was a fun and memorable occasion for all.

Students and staff of Squamish Elementary

A mountain full of daffodils to Climb-On, Squamish Public Library and McDonald's for helping our students celebrate their achievements in the "Climbing the Chief" home reading program. Thank you also to Panago and the parents of our youngsters for promoting and encouraging literacy throughout the year.

Brackendale Elementary Grade Twos

Backpacks full of daffodils to Mr. Verbeek and Ms. Desjardins for the fabulous Outdoor Leadership program that you taught this term. Our kids had the times of their lives. The best experience of their school life so far! You guys are so inspirational, innovative and amazing. Thank you.

The Parents

A cup full of daffodils to Garibaldi Village Starbucks for generously supplying our Sports Day and Porteau Cove Trip with your delicious coffee.


Major Daffodil - The Youth Centre staff and manager just want the town of Squamish to know that we have the nicest, politest youth anywhere. Over 80 youth attended our open house on June 20, over 100 hot dogs were consumed, and there were lots of games and activities. Not one youth forgot to say "thank you", not one! Think about it the next time you see a negative story about the youth of Squamish from one of the city rags.

Suzanne, Suz and Kathy

Darts to the people who tried to break into a car during the Relay For Life. While someone was giving their time to make a difference, you decided you would try and take from them. Maybe try giving instead of taking next timeyou'll get more.

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