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RCMP investigate accident involving officer at Squamish Motorcycle Festival

Police say there were no reported injuries to civilians
A collision occurred at the Squamish Motorcycle Festival on Aug. 10.

Following an accident involving an officer at this year’s Squamish Motorcycle Festival, the RCMP is launching an internal investigation into the matter.

A video posted to social media shows a Mountie and another rider locking the fronts of their motorcycles and spinning their back wheels to create smoke.

However, the officer’s bike moves forward and collides with another nearby motorcyclist circling the pair.


"The actions of the officer are not in keeping with my expectations or that of the RCMP," said Supt. Holly Turton, officer in charge of BC RCMP Traffic Services, in a written statement.

"We expect our officers to exercise better judgment than what was displayed in the video."

The statement also adds there were no reported injuries to any civilians and injuries to the officer were minor. Damage to the motorcycle was minimal, officers say.

Burnouts — creating smoke by spinning a vehicle’s wheels — have been a regular event at the annual Squamish Motorcycle Festival.

This year, the festival occurred on Aug. 10.