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Counter-petition fails, waterfront deal moves ahead

Voters won't going to the polls to approve the District of Squamish's acquisition of a large parcel of waterfront land south of downtown Squamish.

$2.9M price tag for flood of 2003

Last fall's massive flooding has left $1.9 million worth of damage in its wake so far, with another million dollars of work still to be done, according to a District of Squamish report.

ELECTION 2004: Wilson finds victory in narrow loss

In 1997 federal Liberal Phil Boname did well against veteran politician John Reynolds and in 2000 Ian McKay dropped the ball for the Liberal Party of Canada. In 2004, young Blair Wilson almost brought down the giant.

ELECTION 2004: Liberals win Squamish polls

There's only one winner in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast after Monday's federal election - but local organizers from three different parties are claiming victories.

The man behind the mountain

He was called the "Hero of Two Worlds", in tribute to his military adventures in both South America and Europe, and his name became famous around the world.

ELECTION 2004: Back from the dead

Reynolds was confident of victory even when declared defeated Tim Shoults Chief Staff Writer One of John Reynolds' first calls Tuesday morning after narrowly winning re-election to Parliament was from Peter Mansbridge.

Campaign to vote on Nexen land deal under way

It has taken more than a month, but organized opposition is mounting against the Nexen land deal. But the push may be too little, too late as a counter petition process comes to a close on Tuesday (July 6) at 4 p.m.

Going to Camp Rock

This isn't your average, ordinary summer camp for kids.

TD Bank wants branch on 99 in Business Park

It has been decades since the opening of a chartered bank branch in Squamish and Toronto Dominion Bank wants that to change. The national banking institution is working with Preferred Trading Ltd.

ABOUT TOWN: Go Italiano for Garibaldi Days

This is the first annual Garibaldi Day in Squamish and many celebrations are planned beginning with a special public presentation at the Squamish Public Library of historic artifacts pertaining to the life of Giuseppe Garibaldi.
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