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COUNCIL CUT: Where, oh where, shall the Skyridge adventure hub go?

Following correspondence from several residents, Squamish council has re-worded its resolution regarding the proposed Skyridge adventure hub.

Councillors said that this would better clarify their intentions concerning where the hub should be placed.

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Mayor Karen Elliott recused herself from the discussion, as her child goes to the nearby Montessori School, which was built by the company behind the Skyridge development.

Coun. Jenna Stoner asked that the original motion council agreed upon during the July 23 Committee of the Whole be changed to:

“That the $25,000 portion of the Skyridge [community amenity contribution] originally intended for an eco-toilet be maintained for trail infrastructure and amenities, and not directed to trail development, and that staff be directed to identify the best location for an adventure hub and implement accordingly.”

Previously, the motion passed at the Committee of the Whole stated that “staff consider development of an adventure hub at the bottom of Dowad and Tantalus Road, while redirecting Skyridge Community Amenity Contribution funds.”

Coun. Doug Race said he was a little surprised at the response from the community regarding the original motion, as he said it was a consideration but not an order to place the adventure hub at that location.

“I didn’t think we’d actually made the decision to move the hub down there,” he said. “The motion was to consider it.”

Coun. John French said that an adventure hub doesn’t necessarily include a toilet.

“I believe that from our previous discussion and now into this one, when we use that phrase, ‘adventure hub’ we do not intend to have a toilet be part of that adventure hub,” said French.

“I want to be certain that we all agree that that’s exactly the intention here.”

Letters received by council show a number of residents are opposed to putting a toilet in the area.

Stoner said the intention was to neither exclude nor include the toilet.

She noted that most adventure hubs in town happen to have toilets because of concerns that human waste would be dumped on trails and private property.

General manager Gary Buxton said that if staff choose a location where the hub doesn’t work out, they can remove it and change its location.

“They are not permanent facilities,” said Buxton. “We can take them out.”

On their Sept. 3 meeting, council unanimously supported Stoner’s change to the July 23 motion.

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