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Editorial: Squamish's unresolved mystery beckons for closure and accountability

Anyone with any information on the Sea to Sky Gondola sabotage is urged to call the BC RCMP Major Crime Tip Line 1 (877) 543-4822.

Last week, we marked the third anniversary of the second sabotage of the Sea to Sky Gondola.

In August, we marked the fourth anniversary of the first time someone climbed a tower under the cloak of darkness in the early hours and cut through the steel cable.

To date, no one has been arrested or charged with either crime.

The RCMP Special Projects Unit of E-Division Major Crime Section is following up with every lead and is still actively investigating, a spokesperson told The Squamish Chief.

Someone knows something that could help tie this case up.

No criminal acts without leaving some trace of his or her actions, after all.

Likely more than one person knows something.

It is time to come forward. Enough is enough.

Don’t come forward for the $500,000 reward, though we hope you get it and it helps you immensely; come forward because you know, somewhere in you, that it is the right thing to do.

If you are scared of reporting, or waffling, you can talk through your options in confidence with a victim service worker by calling VictimLinkBC.

You can do this without officially reporting the crime.

And it should be noted that you will not be deported if you are an immigrant or refugee because you come forward as a witness. (To learn more, see the Immigration Refugee and Protection Act.)

And if you are the person who did this, it must be stressful and tiring to carry this secret around. Maybe you were trying to make a statement, or gain personally from the incidents, or it was a vendetta, or maybe you just don’t like how Squamish is changing and wanted to slow tourism down?

The thing is, without knowing the why of this, there is just anger and confusion.

You obviously care about the community to some degree, because you made sure no one got hurt in either incident. Thank you for that.

Tap that empathy and conscience to do the right thing and turn yourself in.

Eventually, you have to know you are going to be caught. It is just a matter of time.

The ‘truth will out,’ as William Shakespeare wrote, meaning the truth is always eventually discovered.

So, if you come forward now, at least you are in some control of how the truth is outed.

It is time. For you, for us, for the town. Enough is enough.

Anyone with any information is urged to call the BC RCMP Major Crime Tip Line 1 (877) 543-4822.

You can also contact BC Crime Stoppers — call 1 (800) 222-8477.

Please note that this story was updated after it was first posted to include Crime Stoppers.


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