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Letter: Story wrong on the gender gap

Canada has done great work addressing the gender pay gap.
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The wage gap is not what it appears, according to one letter writer.

The article “Here’s how much people in Squamish make,” [published July 15 online] severely misrepresented the gender wage gap in Squamish.

When you take everyone’s wages, lump them together and then split them up between men and women you get a distorted picture of the gender pay gap.

In fact, women in Canada get paid almost exactly the same as men for doing the same work, with the same years of service, experience, certifications, etc.

The actual wage gap in B.C. between men and women is about 13%, according to Statistics Canada. And extensive research determined that the difference is not because of gender.

Men tend to choose industries that pay better than the industries women choose.

These industries are often dangerous or require physical labour to the point of injury.

Men are more than 10 times more likely to get injured or killed on the job. Think about that for a minute: Ten times more likely to die or get injured on the job for a measly 13% extra. Is that worth it?

Men, on average, work longer hours, for more years and take less time-off to stay at home and do the work of raising children.

Canada has done great work addressing the gender pay gap.

Emm Fickle


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