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EDITORIAL: Our business

Sometimes it seems the things local governments do best is meddle in things they have no authority over.


It was my first visit to Nelson and I knew little about the town. All I really knew is that it was in the Kootenays and I faintly remember someone mentioning it was the single lesbian mother capital of North America.

EDITORIAL: An inju$tice

Justice is a priceless commodity - except, it seems, in British Columbia. We feel that covering our court system is an important part of our mandate.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Oh joy, it's spring...

Spring has sprung - unfortunately. The calendar technically indicates that spring is a few days away.

EDITORIAL: Time well served



I've been fooled by pretty pictures and dreamy talk before. It was the turbulent time of the late 90s when all the water cooler talk in Squamish revolved around the Downtown 2000 plan.

EDITORIAL: Fraser gets an F

Want to know how Howe Sound Secondary School ranks among B.C.'s high schools this year? You'll have to find out somewhere else.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Go with the Blind Channel flow

Very soon the Ministry of Transportation is going to start working out the specifics on how Hwy. 99 will run through Squamish. The detailed design will shed light on the impacts the expanded highway will have on the local environment.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Fight the good fight

Once again I find myself in front of the computer with nothing on the glowing screen but that infernal blinking cursor.

EDITORIAL: The proper way to use power

We never thought we'd live to see the day when John Reynolds and Sheila Copps would be on the same side - and over an issue that comes from Squamish, no less.