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Freaking federal follies

My hat's off to Steven Harper and his Conservative party. I can't believe how effective they've been in muzzling their entire party. Not once has a Conservative candidate slipped into saying what they actually think, believe or plan to do.

Who to vote for

With just three days to go before all good Canadians go off to the polls to choose who will helm the country for the next little while, it's time to weigh in on the past couple of months of campaigning and who is the best candidate, both locally and

Letters to the editor

Councillor gives reasons for policy switch Editor, Re: "Forget policy", Editor's Notebook, Jan.

Trails and tribulations

Four hours and nineteen minutes. That's how long it took the Test of Metal to sell out this year. Less time, as race director Cliff Miller points out, than most people take to complete the race.

Forget policy

This week, Squamish Council decided to forget about the established policy on purchasing and give Kerr Wood Leidel (KWL) Associates more than $130,000 for consulting on the Powerhouse Springs wells.

A patriot weighs in on taxes

Anyone paying attention to the federal election will have noticed that taxes are at the top of issues plaguing the candidates. Everyone's talking about giving money back.


A new plan for Woodfibre Editor, In letters last week, Doug Muir is too diplomatic about the Woodfibre closure circumstances, and Rob Greene overstates its reasons in citing "low Canadian productivity".

Letters to the Editor

A Christmas to remember for Woodfibre workers Editor, What a Christmas all of us who work at Woodfibre had! For me as local union president, there was hardly a moment I wasn't thinking about the shutdown notice we had just received, that we were no l

EDITORIAL: Bad Mr. Bubbles

There's nothing wrong with innocent pranks. Most of us remember Halloween nights where we'd toilet paper a house, or soap up a car of an ill-tempered neighbour.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: And the winners are

Now that's how you start a year. First you wake up with a fuzzy head. That's good because you don't want to be thinking clearly on the day you've committed to a wintry jump in the ocean.
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