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Most expensive Squamish houses revealed

BC Assessments shows local property values have risen, but not by as much as last year

To keep up with these Joneses, you’ll need at least $3.2 million. BC Assessment has provided The Chief with a list of the most expensive houses in Squamish.

It’s a product of the recent release of property evaluations from the province.

According to the data, the Top 3 most expensive houses are in Brackendale, ranging from $3.2 million to $4.02 million.

They are: 41601 Brennan Rd. at about $4.02 million; 40813 Government Rd. at about $3.37 million; and 60001 Squamish Valley Rd. at about $3.23 million.

BC Assessment also gave The Chief a list of the most expensive properties in town overall.

They are: Garibaldi Shopping Centre at $31.6 million; Squamish Terminals at $23.6 million; Chieftain Centre Mall at $21.9 million.

Source: Data from BC Assessment

There were other insights in the assessment numbers.

Overall, Squamish’s real estate has grown by an average of about 10 to 18 per cent, the estimates say.

Light industry and residential properties are up by an average of about 10 per cent, while business and “other” properties are up by about 18.2 per cent.

The figures that were just released were collected in July 2017 and are compared relative to July 2016.

The assessed values for Squamish single family homes are increasing more than houses in the Lower Mainland, particularly the Vancouver-North Shore community, said Paul Borgo, acting assessor for the Greater Vancouver region.

“Vancouver has had probably had less change, and Squamish and the Fraser Valley kind of comparably had similar change,” Borgo added.

“Overall, given our past increases of last year, it’s calmer and more stable but still on the positive side typically speaking for the Squamish properties.”

Last year, the increases in property values were greater, he said.

“Squamish is still doing well,” he added. “Our assessed values show good numbers for houses there.”


***Please note this is a corrected version. A previous version of the story included a picture which misidentified the house located on 40813 Government Road.

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