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Holman and Rieder the Canadian champs at KiteClash

International star Aaron Hadlow grabbed first in men’s big air

KiteClash soared into Squamish this past weekend, showcasing commanding performances from some big names across the globe and here in Canada.

There were a number of highlights at the volunteer-run festival, which ran from Aug. 22 to 25.

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For the Canadian national title, last year’s winner in the women’s division kept her crown. Lauren Holman took the win.

In the men’s division, rising star Jack Rieder beat out both Lucas Arsenault and Sam Medysky to take the gold.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of the competition was Aaron Hadlow, whom organizers likened to the Wayne Gretzky of kiting.

He served as a judge, but also got on the water himself, claiming first in the men’s big air-style podium.

Of course, there were many other bright spots in the competition as well.

The complete results are listed below. A video highlight reel from MADIC Media at the bottom also captures some of the action.

Take note that no results are listed for Day 2, as a lack of good wind prevented the competition from going forward.

There was, however, one vessel of interest that wouldn’t be swayed from going on the water — a giant pink flamingo.

A competitor at KiteClash soars through the air. The tournament saw riders from across the globe compete for a top spot on the podium. - David Buzzard

Day 4


Women’s Kiter-Cross Podium:

1. Corrie Coons

2. Marie-Eve Maynard

3. Lauren Holman


Men’s Kiter-Cross Podium:

1. Steven Akkersdijk

2. Sam Medysky

3. Eric Rienstra


Women’s Big Air-Style Podium:

1. Corrie Coons

2. Lauren Holman

3. Marie-Eve Maynard


Men’s Big Air-Style Podium:

1. Aaron Hadlow

2. Steven Akkersdijk

3. Sam Medysky


Source: Brian Aikens


Day 3


Amateur Men’s Podium:

1. Corey Coons

2. Rick Renaud

3. Brett Wilson


Amateur Women’s Podium:

1. Kalena Nielsen

2. Alex Waterson

3. Rachelle Lamothe


Juniors International Open Freestyle Podium:

1. Shaymus Finlay

2. Nicolas Farrar

3. Jordan Tulk


Masters International Open Freestyle Podium:

1. Mark Koenig

2. Loren Parfitt

3. Philipp Schonger


Women’s International Open Freestyle Podium:

1. Lauren Holman

2. Marie-Eve Maynard

3. Crystal Veness


Mens International Open Freestyle Podium:

1. Lucas Arsenault

2. Jack Rieder

3. Chris Bobryk




 Day 1


Canadian National Freestyle Junior:

1. Shaymus Finlay

2. Jordan Tulk

3. Tayne Steven


Canadian National Freestyle Women:

1. Lauren Holman

2. Crystal Veness

3. Alex Waterson


Canadian National Freestyle Men:

1. Jack Rieder

2. Lucas Arsenault

3. Sam Medysky


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