Squamish MMA fighter defends Bantamweight title at BFL59

Before entering the ring at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, Squamish mixed martial artist Cole Smith’s back began to feel sore.

“My massage therapist [Jared Bir] worked on it for about 45 minutes to an hour,” said Smith. “I didn’t want to get any injuries knowing that my back was tight, so he really straightened that out.”

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Fixing his back turned out to be an asset for “the Cole Train” who ended up winning the match against his opponent, Ty Wilson.

The victory marks the fourth professional Battlefield Fight League (BFL) win for the bantamweight champion. The BFL is one of the largest mixed martial arts organizations in B.C.

To begin, Smith did a few front kicks to establish range and keep his opponent at bay.


Stoked to have these 3 apart of my team. They keep me loose and mentally sharp, and have given me the chance to train with some of the best in the world. 1) Training at @rftmma with some of the best in the country, and the world has improved my game big time, as you could imagine. @jared_revel has been nothing but welcoming, inviting me into his gym to train with him and his team. Just stoked for him winning his own belt and achieving his own goals. 2) @jarbir has been giving be the absolute best sports therapy in the city for the last few fights, and I've never felt so relaxed going into fights. Last fight my back was so tight, making it difficult to throw kicks and grapple.. But Jared came downstairs before the fight to work on my back, missing two of the title fights he initially came for. Can't thank you enough for the 100 percent commitment bro! 3) @dr.amberkirk over at @skyhighlifestyles has been giving chiro sessions since before I won the belt. Not only does she help me, but has been awesome enough to help some of my team mates as well. Dr Amber dosent only help crack my bones, but she always offerers deep mental training techniques that have helped me more than anything physical ever has. Thank you guys!!

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“I thought his game plan was to initially push me up against the fence so I wanted to work range right away.”

Once Wilson’s back was to the cage, Smith made his move.

“I heard my brother telling me to shoot so I shot underneath him. When I grabbed him, I felt like I was going to be physically stronger than him.”

At 135 pounds, Smith is large for his weight class. Physical strength has proved to be an advantage in many of Smith’s fights.

In addition, Smith’s background in martial arts makes him a well-rounded fighter.

Smith trains at The Sound Martial Arts gym, under his brother and coach, Kasey. Having lived in Thailand for several years, Smith has earned a few titles in Muay Thai. He also has experience in grappling and Jiu-Jitsu.

To finish, Smith held his opponent in a rear-naked choke by wrapping his arms and legs around Wilson’s neck and torso. The two struggled for several seconds until it was clear that Smith had won.

One minute and 26 seconds later after it started, the fight was over.

Despite his sore back, Smith believes things went smoothly. “Everything worked out the way me and my brother Kasey planned,” he said.

What’s next for the bantamweight champion?

Smith hopes to enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a major fight league, this April.

“They’re looking for a fighter who has some buzz around him and a winning streak,” he said. “My fingers are crossed that I’ll be fighting in that.”

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