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Brighten your smile with Squamish-based mobile teeth whitening

Give your pearly whites an upgrade
Jazzamyn Walker.

“I come right to your home,” says Squamish-based tooth whitening technician Jazzamyn Walker, and locals in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor are loving it.

Walker started her mobile service, called Saucy Teeth, not so long ago in August 2021, and business is doing considerably well, especially during a pandemic. Perhaps because the world’s smiles have been hiding behind protective masks for two years, professional teeth whitening is more popular than ever.

“I’ve got certification for both cosmetic tooth whitening and gems and Bloodborne pathogen training, follow all the COVID-19 protocols, everything I use is FDA approved, dental grade and made in North America,” she says. Walker’s system is very different from take-home trays that can have unexpected results, like colour mismatching or sensitivity to the cold gel, and everything she uses is designed for sensitive teeth.

When it comes to just how white teeth should look, it seems to be a matter of preference. “I won’t go super Hollywood-white with mine,” she says, but adds “results vary from person to person, and the base colour dictates that.” Apparently, a person’s teeth can have grey undertones, or appear transparent, but individuals with yellow tones “will get way whiter results.”  

The system Walker uses at Saucy Teeth means she can concentrate more of the gel on areas of the teeth that need it, so it looks more natural and helps to ensure no sensitivity is taking place. “It’s very customized, personal, plus I am constantly checking in with my clients,” she says. The whitening also allows a client to pause and check the process, determining just how white and bright they want to go.

Couples are getting their teeth whitened at the same time, which Walker says is “popular, like a spa day,” she’s told. She brings her own anti-gravity chairs which are comfortable and professional, and make for a “cozy experience,” she says.

In addition to whitening, temporary tooth gems are fun, whereby a Swarovski crystal is applied with a gentle adhesive that’s not permanent; no drilling is involved and gems are easily removable. Whether you go single crystal bling, or full-on disco ball, the choice is yours. “In case you missed it,” laughs Walker, “I love sparkles.”

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