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Bringing out your best - inside and out

It’s the mission of every doctor to provide care that promotes a healthy body. When that care can also create a vibrant, external picture of wellness, it can provide an additional sense of empowerment - healthy inside and out.

That’s the place Dr. Dawn Gareau wants to take her patients as she prepares to open her new clinic, Skin Focus, in downtown Squamish at the beginning of April which will specialize in anti-aging, skin therapy and regenerative medicine. She will be offering treatments with dermal fillers, neurotoxins ie Botox®️ as well as platelet rich plasma, prolotherapy and energy devices to improve overall skin and health. These therapies combined with her knowledge of sports nutrition, hormones and gut health will allow her to take a more holistic approach to each patient.

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“Doctors are always thinking about a patient’s health internally, and that can also bring out the best in your skin externally,” said Gareau, who is a qualified naturopathic physician.

Exploring avenues that can help make you perform to your utmost is not new for Dr. Gareau, who previously coached provincial level athletes in B.C. and was a member of Canada’s Mogul Freestyle Ski Team.

“I’ve always had a passion for learning and understanding the benefits of a balanced lifestyle and proper nutrition. It was later in life that I recognized that my outdoor lifestyle (sailing, kayaking, skiing and biking) was starting to affect the health of my skin and increasingly my interests in the area of skin prevention anti-aging medicine began.”

“I soon started to see more patients with skin concerns, and I have seen a direct correlation with hormones, diet, digestion, the environment and overall skin health.”

“Before I knew it I was helping people develop healthier, younger-looking skin. This has become my focus. Empowering people through wellness inside and out.”

While Dr. Gareau offers care for all, as a businesswoman she emphasizes her ability to connect with female patients and their specific health matters.

“As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have the knowledge and the ability to offer a wide range of treatments from pain management, hormonal health to digestion,” she said. “I feel I can encompass more of what women are looking for because I can also appreciate what is happening in their lives and am better able to treat their areas of concern.”

“Overall, it’s satisfying to know that I have the capability to help people and give them a sense of empowerment and make them feel good again about how they look and feel.”

For more information about how Skin Focus can help you, call 604-389-9932 or visit them online at


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