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Design-build philosophy uses a single, unified team to complete your new home or renovation

Picking a contractor to build your home can be an arduous task. There’s so much at stake.
Passive homes are constructed to be highly energy efficient and require a higher degree of planning and attention to detail.

Picking a contractor to build your home can be an arduous task.


There’s so much at stake.


But when you are looking for one who can construct a building that adheres to the stringent and complex standards demanded in a “passive certified home,” or even the new step code requirements, the importance of getting the best firm to undertake the job can be even harder.


That’s where a design-build operation, such as Squamish-based Blue Water Concepts, excels.


Company owner and founder Mike Vancapelle says passive homes—ones constructed to be extremely energy efficient—require a higher degree of planning and attention to detail than traditional home-building methods that separate the design process from construction, usually with separate companies.


Hiring an operation that takes clients from the concept/design stage through the construction phase using experienced professionals from a unified team helps ensure efficient workflow and a higher quality end product.


“With a design-build company, like ours, you have a cohesive team effort with good, timely communication during the entire project,” Vancapelle explains. “There’s also no passing the buck because everything is done through the same company with everyone on the same team. Things run a lot smoother that way.”


It starts with a comprehensive approach to design that Blue Water Concept’s designers undertake.


Once their conceptual drawings and designs are completed, a detailed budget is established to ensure the project is firmly on track financially.


“That ensures you don’t get too far down the road with design work and suddenly realize you are way beyond your budget,” Vancapelle says. “So, when it is time to build, you have all your materials, an accurate budget, and work can proceed with few reasons for delays.


“That’s important because there’s an amazing amount of details that go into building a passive house properly,” Vancapelle adds. “And when you have a design team and a construction team working under one roof on a complicated building like that, it is a big advantage for our customers, who feel confident because everyone is on the same page and communication is clear about the project.”


For more about Blue Water Concepts and how they can use their design-build process to construct a passive home for you, visit the website at, or call 604-389-8554.

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