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Feel better naturally with an alternative approach to health

Euphoria Natural Health aims to promptly get patients the help they need to get back on track
Roxana Dees, owner of Euphoria Natural Health.

When two worlds collide, the result can often create a wondrous outcome as shared knowledge and perspective combine to form a rich and novel approach to innovative solutions. 

That’s the setting Squamish business Euphoria Natural Health has developed and extends to its clients.

And it’s one Roxana Dees enjoys providing for everyone using her naturopathic clinic, which offers alternative medicine alongside traditional methods.

“We are not taking sides. Our main mission is to use natural means as much as possible to bring people to a state of good health,” says Dees.

“That’s what the word euphoria means in Greek - achieving a natural state of health.”

Dees, a former patient of the clinic, bought the business last December because she believes it delivers an expedient level of care that seeks to treat the root cause of an ailment and provide a better standard of health, rather than merely addressing symptoms. 

“Buying a brick and mortar business during a pandemic was something none of my friends and business advisors encouraged me to do,” Dees says. “But after being a patient of Euphoria’s for nearly two years, I experienced the support, hope, and ultimately the healing it provided.”

So, when she heard the clinic was up for sale, Dees knew it would be a good match for her as a business.

 “I felt that Euphoria was a gift to the community, and it would be my personal mission to acquire the business and manage it. It would also be my passion project.”

Dees says her background, which includes a bachelor of science in biology, with a focus on epigenetics - the science of how your behaviour and the environment can cause changes that influence gene expression, and ultimately the quality of life - would be a “perfect fit to take Euphoria to the next level.”

At the heart of the business are a group of local practitioners.

“We have a unique team that includes three naturopathic doctors and a medical doctor,” Dees adds. “We also offer a chiropractor, as well as a physiotherapist and an osteopath, to deal with anything from chronic fatigue to acute pain management, hormonal imbalances to gut illness, from Lyme disease to cancer. A great focus of our clinic is women’s health.”

With input from the practitioners, Euphoria aims to promptly get patients the help they need to get back on track. 

“We operate as a private medical clinic, giving access to all the same lab testing services at a regular clinic,” Dees explains. “And we offer the widest range of treatment options in terms of alternative medicine and treatment modalities, including IV therapy, which is a quick way to replenish energy and support immunity by administering vitamins and supplements via intravenous means.”

Patient access during the COVID-19 pandemic and its public health protocols is also available through telemedicine using online video meetings or phone connections. 

For more information on how Euphoria Natural Health can help you, visit their website at and follow them on social media at @euphorianaturalhealth on Instagram and Facebook.