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Feeling your pain: Squamish health clinic focuses on why you’re hurting so the healing can begin

“Hi. My back hurts. Can I get a massage?”

When people first call Squamish Integrated Health, they know they need help — they’re just not sure what type of help they need. Perhaps a friend has said, “You should get a massage” so that’s what they ask for.

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“If you want to be cared for, a massage is amazing,” agrees the clinic’s new owner, Natalie Yu.

With several registered massage therapists on staff, there’s a strong likelihood that a client can get an appointment that day.

A massage may be the starting point but it’s often not the only route to a pain-free destination.

“We screen what is functioning properly and what isn’t, and why that’s causing your pain. Sometimes where you’re experiencing your pain is not necessarily where the issue is in your body. It’s where your body is carrying that pain,” says Yu, an acupuncturist with a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The team takes a collaborative approach so that clients receive the most effective care.

The massage therapist who is initially asked to ease back pain can recommend one of the clinic’s chiropractors, who conduct a functional movement screen, or a physiotherapist who unlocks the source of pain. Physiotherapist Billy Walker-Wavell takes a client through various yoga movements to gauge their range of movements before devising a yoga therapy plan.

Given that Squamish is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada, it’s not surprising that services are also geared to people who like to rock climb, kiteboard and tackle the nearby mountains.

“We’re here to help them be the better athletes that they want to be,” says Yu.

One of those outdoors enthusiasts is the clinic’s Adrienne Coombs, one of the only certified sports medicine acupuncturists in Canada.

Another benefit of TCM is it “can reach the psycho-emotional level of what you’re carrying in your body, which might be presented as pain, anxiety or pent-up stress,” Yu says.

The clinic, which also specializes in many of the issues facing women, including fertility and pregnancy, offers community acupuncture, small group meditations, and breathing and mobility sessions.

You can book an appointment at Squamish Integrated Health or call them at 604-567-2666. It’s open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends to accommodate clients’ busy lifestyles. The clinic also offers direct billing to most insurance plans. Get updates on its Facebook or Instagram pages.

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