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First-time parent or homeowner? It’s time to find a notary

Legal issues are daunting for anyone but they can be especially intimidating if you’re a first-time home owner wondering if you should sign on the dotted line or, as a young parent, you’ve realized it’s time to draw up your will.

That’s why Squamish notary Cam Sherk says it’s important to spend one-on-one time with clients.

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Sherk takes the complexities of the law and translates them into a language that is easy to understand, especially for young couples who need legal assistance for the first time. “We spend time with clients. We don’t point to signature lines on a page and say ‘sign here, sign there’ and you’re gone.”

Notaries practise non-contentious legal issues such as the purchase and sale of a home, re-financing, subdivision of land, estate planning, powers of attorney and representation for healthcare. In other words, it’s your day-to-day legal needs.

On a more personal level Sherk says a problem solver. It’s a skill he learned from his father, Ken, who founded the practice on the North Shore in 1983.

“Because notaries can’t go to courts and get into fights to battle things out, our inclination is to look for a solution,” Cam says. “I’m a data aggregator and fact collector. You can’t solve a problem until you have all the facts. At the end of the day it’s explaining to the client what their options are and how we will work it out.”

He’s also a good listener. “If you’re rushing things,” he says, “one mistake can lead to another. You’re also missing things because you’re not establishing that connection. A client might make an innocuous comment and I’ll ask, ‘What do you mean by that?’ and all of a sudden we’ll discover a larger problem. We’re able to solve it before it becomes an issue.”

To find out more about how Cam Sherk can help you problem solve, call him at 604-567-8711, email cam@camsherknotary.comor drop by the office at 38142 Cleveland Street in Squamish. You can open a file online here.

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