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Gas fire features add a cozy ambience to any outdoor living space

Get your home patio ready for the warm summer months ahead. From entertaining guests to creating family memories or unwinding after work, the patio is a centre of enjoyment and activity. It is a place for friends and loved ones to savour tasty meals, laugh, play or relax. 

Joe's Fireplace Products, the experts in heating for 25 years, can help you turn your backyard or rooftop patio into the ultimate outdoor living space. Here is a breakdown of the different types of outdoor fire features that can extend your patio season almost year-round:

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Gas Fireplace

A modern outdoor gas fireplace can add welcome warmth on a chilly night. And outdoor fireplace extends the comfort of your home outdoors and creates a stunning visual focal point. There are many designs available including single-sided or see-through styles. When selecting an outdoor fire feature make sure it can adjust to the changing weather by offering a variance in heat output. The ideal range for on-demand heat should be between 42,000 and 64,000 BTUs.

A firepit offers the cosy ambience of a campfire without a lot of effort or mess. Use it in your backyard, at the cottage or when camping. For maximum durability, choose one with stainless steel construction. Some models are approved for use on wooden decks, stone or brick patios and concrete. Select the best one to suit your needs. 

Fire Table 
A fire table offers the ideal space for outdoor entertaining. It provides an inviting spot in which to gather for great conversation. Look for a table with a stainless steel burner and an electronic ignition for the best efficiency. The table can operate on natural gas or propane.

Patio Heater
A patio heater is a towering single flame in different styles that provides an extra element of warmth to any outdoor setting. It is a perfect addition to outdoor rooms, gardens and patios. Choose one that is made out of durable stainless steel. 

Wall or Ceiling Mount
A wall or ceiling mount heater will provide excellent heat that doesn't take up any floor space.  And they can be very useful on covered decks or in seasonal rooms.

Outdoor fire products are easy to install and they can be customized, offering endless design and functional possibilities to fit your home’s needs.

Transform your outdoor living space today. Call the experts at Joe's Fireplace Products at 604-892-9800 or visit the website.

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