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Get a wellness boost to feel ‘like yourself’ again with naturopathic medicine: post-pandemic recovery

Roxana Dees, Owner of Euphoria Natural Health, says more customers are seeking relief from stress and anxiety as we enter a post-pandemic world
Roxana Dees, owner of Euphoria Natural Health in Squamish.

Getting back to normal.

It’s the goal of just about everyone in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Euphoria Natural Health, Squamish’s integrative clinic and wellness store, has what you need to help turn the page and get back on track.

Clinic and supplement store owner, Roxana Dees, says one of the recent trends she has noticed is, more customers seeking relief from stress and anxiety.

“We have never seen such a high demand for natural remedies that treat anxiety,” Dees says. “It was something we’d order from our suppliers once a month, and now we are placing orders for these products once a week.

“It’s a post-pandemic-pandemic, in terms of the numbers of people asking for help as they work their way back to life after COVID,” she adds.

Insomnia is another condition on the rise.

“Insomnia comes from anxiety, worry, overwhelm, depression but it’s also caused by social isolation,” Dees says. “While many people have enjoyed working from home, many also miss that social connection from working with people.”

And that has made Euphoria Natural Health more than just a clinic - it has also been serving as a hub of social interaction, a place where wellness shoppers can just come in and chat.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in people just stopping by and saying thanks for listening to me,” Dees says.

In addition to the fallout from COVID-19, the early summer heatwave also took its toll on locals as temperatures soared to around 45 degrees.

“It felt like 49 to 50,” Dees says. “And many people went outdoors completely unprepared, which left us dealing with lots of walk-in customers with sunburns and dizziness from dehydration.”

From hikers to mountain bikers - plenty of outdoor-seekers required IV therapy at the clinic.

“Luckily, we are equipped to handle this, from the staff in the store to the doctors,” Dees says. “We administered lots of saline and potassium IVs, with added vitamins, to get people up and going again.”

Euphoria Natural Health offers IVs tailored to a customer’s specific needs. After discussing a customer’s condition, one of the doctors at the clinic decides what mixture is best. Dr. Melanie MacIver and Dr. Landon McLean have met this high demand efficiently, however making an appointment in advance is recommended.

“We call them wellness cocktails - vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that support muscle recovery and mental focus,” Dees says.

The clinic has also added to the team a chiropractic doctor, Dr. Andreas Stridsland, to focus on concussion recovery and neuro-rehabilitation, as well as a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Scarlett Cooper to assist with digestive imbalances and child’s health issues.

“The chiropractor has been able to help customers with mild dizziness, vertigo or even, anxiety and depression,” Dees says. “But he are mainly there to assist injured athletes and outdoors enthusiasts.”

The clinic’s medical doctor, Dr. Christina Botros has been hosting a series of group medical visits online in the form of classes, to provide patients with a functional medicine approach to mindfulness, movement and nutrition. These classes are only appropriate for those with a medical indication (for example anxiety/depression, chronic pain, or IBS), and are covered by MSP (and therefore free to patients). No referral is necessary, and these sessions can be booked online on the clinic’s website.

And to help with skin issues, an expert aesthetician, Daniela Cazacu, has been added to the clinic’s roster.

“We are also working with a unique skincare line from Germany which offers medical quality facials,” Dees says. “Thanks to that, we can treat people with rashes, acne, rosacea, and even skin problems caused by wearing masks during the pandemic.”

For more information on how Euphoria Natural Health can help you, visit their new, improved and easy-to-use website at, and engage them on social media at @euphorianaturalhealth on Instagram and Facebook.