“Home” team offers unique real estate experience

Those looking to get into the real estate market along the Sea to Sky corridor and Squamish area can rest assured they have a “home” team on their side.

That’s because Wentworth, Malpass & Hunter is the only real estate firm in the region with a trio of locally based individuals - Shawn Wentworth, Tom Malpass and Tara Hunter - who bring a wide range of unique talents and experience to every one of their listings.

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“We’re all very different,” Hunter said, a longtime Squamish resident, adding her background is in sales and marketing. “Shawn built homes, townhouses, and was an owner of a commercial painting company, while Tom also came from the construction industry, has a business management degree, and is a former home inspector and owner of a high end window and door installation company.”

Hunter, a mother of four, has lived in Squamish since 1991 and been in the real estate business since 1995. “There’s an awful lot of experience between the three of us,” she said.

Wentworth and Malpass began informally working together in 2010. They partnered up officially in 2012, adding Hunter in 2016 after realizing they were missing a woman’s touch and approach to the business.

“Tara has been here for so long that she also pretty much knows everybody,” Wentworth said. “She knows everything about the town, which way things are going, and what’s going to be built and where. And while I’ve only been here since 2003, my background in construction, from luxury residences to 2,000-square-foot, starter homes, is a real asset.”

And Malpass brings his knowledge of commercial properties to round out the array of services the trio can provide customers. “We do the whole spectrum, from condos and townhouses, new construction and luxury homes,” Wentworth said. “And our goal is to make sure our clients are happy. They come first.”

“We are here to meet their needs,” Hunter said.

“We’re also here for the long term,” Wentworth added. “And we are all living the lifestyle we are selling. That’s why we strive to be the best local realtors with the most complete local knowledge and utmost in customer service.”

To find out how the Wentworth, Malpass & Hunter team can help you, call 778-866-1500 or check them out online at www.wentworthmalpasshunter.com.

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