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How to build a wood fire to stay cozy at home

If you are practicing social distancing like many people are these days, a wood burning stove or fireplace can be very comforting.

Getting that fire started can sometimes be a challenge, but if you have the right conditions it will be easy. All fires need three things to burn; fuel (wood), air (oxygen) and heat (a spark or ignition). This combination is called a combustion triangle. The experts at Joe's Fireplace Products, who have been working in heating for more than 25 years, share these tips for creating a beautiful wood fire at home:

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1. If your fireplace has one, open the damper and the air control fully. Oxygen needs to circulate through the firebox. Doing this will also help create a draft more quickly, so smoke will be drawn up and out through the venting.

2. When building a fire, begin with kindling (smaller pieces of wood). This ignites faster than larger pieces of wood. You will need lots of space for air to circulate, so be sure to place the kindling loosely. Gently place a few small logs on top of the kindling in a crisscross pattern to allow oxygen to circulate. Be careful not to crush the fire by placing too much wood on top. You want to light the fire, not have it smolder. Also, try to avoid using paper, newspaper or cardboard to prevent smoke from filling into your room when lighting the unit. If newspaper is used, place it under the kindling but be sure to crunch it up lightly so that air can circulate around it. Next, light the fire and close the door, just leaving it slightly ajar. Be sure to never leave a wood-burning fire unattended.

3. After the fire starts burning well, add a few more logs and close the door tightly.

4. If you need more heat, open the air control or the damper further to increase oxygen flow into the firebox. Remember, more air creates a bigger fire with less burn time; less air creates a longer burn time but offers a little less heat.

5. Using the right combination of elements will create a long burning fire with the highest efficiency and the right amount of heat. Add more wood as needed if the fire starts to burn down. Now sit back and enjoy the cozy warmth.

For more tips refer to your fireplace's operation manual, or call the fireplace experts at Joe's Fireplace Products today at 604-892-9800. You can also stop by the shop located at 38136 Second Ave, Squamish or visit the website.


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