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Independent Professional Financial Planner gives user-friendly advice to provide you with financial protection

Sarah Braebrook helps clients understand what investments are available for best results

Coming from a background in banking, retail ownership, and the Canadian Armed Forces, Sarah Braebrook chose to live in Squamish while studying for her MBA.

Still, falling in love with Squamish meant a career change to financial planning instead of working in the bustling Vancouver corporate world. That said, additional training to become a certified financial planner, stockbroker and licensed life and financial insurance agent offered the perfect solution.

"During 18 years in the business, I have seen an evolution in investment products. Most people believe that an RRSP in a bank means their retirement money will be there when they want it,” she explains.

“But an RRSP only means that your money is registered with the government for tax purposes. By law, bank branches cannot insure your money. Mutual funds and even stocks have no underlying guarantee.”

Braebrook cites this as to why she chose to become an independent financial planner.

“I deal with insured investment funds from companies such as Manulife and Empire Life, for example. Empire Life can guarantee a lifelong retirement income – even with a zero balance in your account.”

Braebrook has conducted seminars for novice investors and is now also pivoting to help divorced and single women and people with a retirement timeline.

“I love teaching, so translating my knowledge into user-friendly information is one of my pleasures. Hearing people who think they've got it all covered concerns me when I know they don't,” Braebrook says.

“Talking to people about unknown risks and showing solutions is a responsibility I choose to fulfill. I am always happy to take a second look at anyone's plan to search for possible improvements.”

While we are currently in the strongest investment market in history, many still remember double-digit interest rates and inflation. Avoiding the pain of sudden shocks and a market downturn is one of Braebrook’s primary goals.

“Many financial planners have never lived through a down market. Long-term experience is one of the assets I bring to the table,” she says.

“My family lost its fortune in 1929, so I grew up with a serious interest in money management. I work on a commission basis. lf what I offer isn't better, I don't get paid. That's why I make sure it is the best there is available.”

“Noah built the Ark before it started raining."

To work with Sarah Braebrook today, email her at

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