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Live life with more energy and ease

“When we establish healthy habits, they become a part of who we are and how we carry ourselves in the world,”
Shakya Wijesinghe works with at-risk and diverse populations both in-person and via online connection.

Inspiration can come in many forms.

For Shakya Wijesinghe, he says, “I love seeing people living happier and healthier lives.”

That’s why he is devoted to elevating people’s lives through healthy practices for mind, body and spirit.

Initially, he began that journey as a martial artist and personal trainer, since then his practice has evolved to integrate better body mechanics, conscious breathing, and interconnectedness.

“People want to be happy and healthy; this can be brought about if and when we are in alignment with both our inner and outer nature.”

After moving to Squamish earlier this year to be closer to the Rivers, Mountains and Forest, Shakya continues to branch out while working with clients, some of whom haven’t been exposed to the types of methods and teachings he offers.

Shakya works with at-risk and diverse populations both in-person and via online connection, more recently getting extraordinary results guiding the elderly to better mobility, stability, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

“Exercise is about more than just burning fat or building muscle,” he says. “The body is our vehicle and it requires regular tune-ups for optimal performance and longevity. Our daily habits can either build us up or break us down.”

Shakya’s life work is to help people of all ages and capabilities find balance and enhance the quality of their lives.

“I am able to meet people where they are and guide them in the direction that will benefit them the best.”

Most people, he added, accept an ordinary life and ordinary results.

“But we can always go beyond the status quo,” he says.

For example, growing up, Shakya was borderline asthmatic and had a weak immune system.

 After enrolling in a traditional martial arts program, which incorporated both physical and internal breathing elements, he stopped getting sick, and his breathing was never an issue ever again.

"17 years in the Fitness Industry, and I never found a balanced system that was holistic and all-encompassing, not just mentally or physically challenging, and required some synergy between mind and body.”

“There’s always room for improvement and great change can come about with something as simple as a smile.”

That is the core of what Shakya offers.

For more information on how you can make that journey to a better you, visit