Meet your realtor and your next best friend, Angie!

A realtor might be the first stop before finding your new home but, often times they extend far beyond the job calling and become invested in your family, your community and in your well-being.

That is Angie Vazquez.

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Angie moved to Squamish 10 years ago from Mexico and has never looked back.

“I am everywhere!” said realtor Angie Vazquez. “Since moving to Squamish, I have tried to invest myself in as many community initiatives as possible, I really believe in the strong sense of community up here.”

Angie has been a realtor in Squamish for over 5 years and she takes no greater pleasure than bringing new future-friends into the close-knit network of families and young professionals in the Sea to Sky area.

“The highlight of my week is giving keys to new owners,” said Angie. “That is the biggest wow moment for me, and I am so humbled and proud to be part of such an important achievement and milestone in people’s lives.”

Last year, Angie brought 51 new families to the town of Squamish and the experience has lead her to embrace her role as a builder of this new and vibrant place many once thought was just a pit stop on the way to Whistler.

“For me to sell 51 houses means meeting with 200 to 250 people at least so I consider myself different from a realtor – more of a community promoter!”

In addition to her job, Angie partakes in numerous initiatives outside work like Helping Hands, the fire fighters gala, sponsoring soccer teams and more. When she has any spare time, she does what any local does which is get outside and explore! Whether that is swimming at Brohm Lake, biking, hiking, skiing or more, Angie believes the outdoor lifestyle of Squamish has truly captured her heart.

But, beyond that, Angie considers her clients her friends. Attending their “FIESTAS”, Birthdays, baby showers, helping when a client has malfunctions in the home, browsing the many markets and shops in the town, Angie is constantly out embracing the culture and the people that make up the beautiful town of Squamish.

If you are interested in purchasing a home or looking at what Squamish can offer you and your family, contact Angie Vazquez at 778-318-5900 or visit her website.

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