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Osteopathic Practitioner opens doors to the Squamish community

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Kim Robertson, Owner of Kim Robertson Holistic Therapies.

Kim Robertson is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, and a Culinary Nutrition Expert. New to Squamish since moving here in November 2021, Robertson held her clinical practice in Toronto for 30 years – until she received a spiritual calling.

As an Indigenous woman, she believes it was that calling that brought her “to the healing energies of the Squamish mountains,” she says. “When people asked me ‘why Squamish?’ I say that Squamish chose me.”

Robertson’s new downtown practice is just launching, and she’s finding the locals warm and welcoming. “I know the West Coast is (generally speaking) much more open-minded when it comes to holistic practices,” she says, adding that even though she misses her Toronto clients, she feels right at home here.

With no shortage of physiotherapists in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, what sets Robertson apart as an osteopathic practitioner, you ask?

“Osteopathy is the science of the relationships between all of the body’s anatomical and physiological systems,” she says, adding “it uses gentle touch to sense the subtle motions and tensions within the body to locate the source of pain or dysfunction.” Simply put, the body-mind-spirit balance is the key to optimal health.

“With all the crazy sports, and outdoor activities here in Squamish, sports therapists are needed so a person can hop back on those skis or that bike, but that is not me,” she laughs. “As an osteopathic practitioner, I have to be able to articulate why I am going to treat someone’s head for an ankle sprain. I have to be able to explain how things are connected throughout the body. If you have old trauma from, say, childhood, that plays a part in how things develop in your life, and why issues keep recurring.”

Robertson’s approach complements western medicine, which for many patients is a modern way of supporting their wellness. 

As a culinary nutrition expert she believes gut health is connected to immune health and is inspired by “how the people here in Squamish have found a better work-life balance and connection to nature, that is so important.”

“The connection and rapport that I build with my clients, through educating them about how their bodies work, not just the mechanics,” is what drives Robertson in her career. She’s had great success in helping people with chronic pain, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, pregnancy wellness and sports injuries.

In her words, “health is more than just the absence of pain or disease.”

To learn more about Kim Robertson’s services,, or call 416.879.9099.

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