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Profiles of Excellence: Triton Automotive

Triton Automotive has never been a company to rest on its laurels; rather, it has continually evolved and expanded over the last 40 years, developing a strong reputation for reliability and service in Squamish and beyond.

What began as an industrial automotive shop has transformed to much more, from providing safety supplies, heavy duty truck parts and welding equipment to delivering gas for beer lines in restaurants and bars throughout the Sea to Sky corridor.

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Triton is the go-to company that keeps the wheels turning in Squamish’s industrial business—everything from its railway to its booming construction industry.

The key to Triton’s success has been its ability to adapt. Take a recent example when co-owner Roy Ramage spotted a gap in the marketplace that he knew Triton could fill. All it took was an adapter for the carbon dioxide gas canisters and Triton could now refill gas cylinders for SodaStreams—a new service and a new client base, branching out from construction contractors and automotive workers.

“It has just boomed,” says co-owner Jeanette Levett, of the niche service.

That is part and parcel of Triton’s appeal.

Whether it’s a 20-litre pail of dish soap or a canopy for welders, Triton aims to keep its extensive customer base happy. “We do our best to find it and supply

it from wherever it might come from,” says Jeanette. ““One of the things we strive on here is we never say ‘no’.” Triton was founded by Ed Scott in 1978. The current business owners—Roy Ramage, Jeanette Levett and Doug Ross—were all long time employees at Triton before becoming partners. “We’ve all been doing this business for a very long time,” adds Jeanette. “We all started as employees.”

Roy adds that Triton keeps its customers for life, building up trust as well as friendships along the way. “I have customers now that are the great grandchildren of people that I started selling to years ago,” he says.

Their work habits, however, haven’t changed much—all partners are in very early in the morning, setting the stage for the day and the example for the roughly 30 staff members.

The doors are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Triton prides itself on being able to get critical supplies and equipment to Squamish as quickly and efficiently as possible, with three to five trucks picking up from the city and delivering throughout the Sea to Sky corridor every day.

It hasn’t always been easy; it was challenging navigating through the rules and regulations around the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, for example, particularly around the Sea to Sky highway. But, as always, Triton adapted, moving goods and services throughout the night to accommodate Olympic requirements.

Since then, business has been brisk, a reflection of the growing popularity of Squamish and the Sea to Sky corridor as a place to live and recreate.

Now Triton has evolved again as it deals with the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re an essential service,” says Doug of the critical need to keep cars and trucks serviced and on the road.

Triton has worked hard to keep its employees safe and working during this time. That team, in turn, has risen to the challenges of curbside pick-ups, changing hours and enhanced safety measures.

“We’re know what it’s like to be working right there in the trenches,” says Doug. “We’re right there with them.”

Learn more about Triton Automotive by visiting the website at

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