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Show some love and support local

It’s time to show some love for our local heroes: the small businesses in our community
Let’s support our local heroes in Squamish.

It’s no secret the past year of unprecedented times has been a difficult one. As we move into another year of this pandemic and adjust to the new normal, it’s time to show some love for our local heroes: the small businesses in our community.

Imagine being stuck in lockdown without your local shops and services available. Thanks to the extraordinary resilience of our local entrepreneurs, they’ve managed to continue serving their communities in a very difficult time.

Local businesses have been especially hard-hit by the pandemic. Between lockdowns and safety measures, businesses have had to adapt fast and efficiently to ensure their survival. Despite the challenges of adapting to new rules and guidelines, and in some cases changing how their businesses operate, our local businesses have done a stellar job in being there for us.

To show our appreciation, we’ve put together the Supporting Our Local Heroes in Squamish spotlight featuring six businesses in the Sea to Sky community.

Perfectly positioned along the Sea to Sky corridor, Garibaldi Village is the shopping hub of Squamish. Designed to complement the natural beauty of Squamish, there’s a wide variety of shopping, services and dining choices for locals and visitors. Save-On-Foods Squamish has been a proud part of the community, ensuring locals have continued access to fresh groceries. Local residential and commercial trash services company GFL Environmental Inc. continues to make sure the community’s waste disposal needs are taken care of. Woodfibre LNG, a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export facility, aims to be the cleanest LNG export facility in the world, helping foster development in the area. Dedicated to meet women and children’s evolving needs throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor, Howe Sound Women’s Centre promotes equality and empowerment of women and children. Lastly, a big shout out to the Sea to Sky School District #48 for supporting the learning needs of children in this community during a year of unforeseen changes.

In this unprecedented time of our lives, it is so important to support each other. And there’s no better way to support your community than by supporting local businesses.

Let’s give a shout-out by Supporting Our Local Heroes in Squamish for being there for us during this challenging time.