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Special focus on the customer helps create a perfect picture

Paula Owen is an officially accredited photographer and is an international award winner for her newborn and family photography
Paula Owen.

When you view one of Paula Owen’s photographs you see much more than just a mere image, you witness the result of a true relationship between the subject and photographer. That is what Owen strives to put into every session she has with a client.

Paula Owen is an officially accredited photographer by the Professional Photographers of Canada Association and is an international award winner for her newborn and family photography.

Those achievements are also evident in the community, which has recognized and rewarded her efforts with a consistent parade of readers’ choice awards in local media for best Squamish photographer from 2017 to 2020.

“For me, that’s the biggest honour because those are my clients who voted for me,” she says. “And I am very grateful for their support.”

“Being technically correct as a photographer is definitely important. But how you make someone feel during your photo shoot is just as vital.

“I want a client to walk away from their experience with me feeling relaxed and good about themselves, and to have that show in their photos.”

“You hear so many stories. Everyone comes with a different experience, and I like to talk to people,” says Owen, a native of South Africa who came to Squamish in 2006 and set up her own business, Paula Owen Photography in Squamish in 2015. “You have to draw something out of each person. That’s what I love the most about what I do.

“I look at each subject and discover what it is about them that I want to show and make them shine.”

She accomplishes that by putting clients at ease and finds laughter an effective way.

Part of her enduring success has also been the dedication she maintains to keeping her approach fresh for each photo shoot.

“I can easily get bored of something and move on to the next challenge, but photography has always kept me interested,” she says.

“I am always stretching myself in creative terms, letting the client know I am thinking about them individually.”

That commitment also flows into her care for community causes, both local and overseas.

In the past, she has organized a fundraiser for the local food bank and women’s centre, donated proceeds from a Christmas photoshoot to Healthy Hearts, a Squamish-based, girls leadership program, and also donated to causes in South Africa.

“I try as much as I can through the year to show my gratitude for the support I have been given through my life,” she says.

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