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Squamish, a perfect place to call home for any outdoor enthusiast

Julie Phoenix became a realtor for the same reason she became a police officer: she wanted to help people. It was something she'd always been interested in but never took the plunge. Six years ago, Phoenix was working with the Vancouver City Police when an injury forced her to follow the dream she'd never pursued: "It was the kick in the pants I needed. I enrolled at UBC, and six months later I was licensed and on my way. And that was about five years ago."

Phoenix enjoys finding meaning in her day-to-day work at Macdonald Realty, saying that it's the best workplace she's ever been a part of. In her previous line of work, people weren't always happy to see her, she recalls, saying, “in my past job, it was a very negative job. When you're a police officer, no one calls you because they want to hang out with you. It's because they're in crisis. This is the polar opposite of what I was doing before. People call me for help, but it's in a positive light.”

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Phoenix feels that she is a realtor well-suited to understand clients because, as someone who migrated to Squamish from North Vancouver, she knows what draws people to the community. She and her husband both grew up in the Lower Mainland and longed for something different. “We found what really drew us here was the lifestyle, just being out of the rat race” she explains. “Every time we came up the highway and around the corner, we felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.”

Like many Squamish residents, Julie is an outdoor enthusiast. She loves to cross country ski, run and hike but mostly, she loves to race mountain bikes. Her races have taken her far afield as well as sticking close to home, and she has supported the mountain bike community by sponsoring social rides and cross-country mountain bike racing events for the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) for the past four years.

Phoenix says that while the community has changed in the years she's been there, “it's still that small town feel. There's so much more community here than anywhere we've ever lived before." And Phoenix says that, be it helping someone find their dream home or selling it, her favourite part of her job is helping people in her community. 

If you'd like to follow along with Julie Phoenix's Squamish adventures, check out her Instagram account, or check out her Facebook page. You can also get in touch with her the old fashioned way, by checking out the website.

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