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Squamish bar offers unique blends and flavours of small batch, freshly made apple cider

Unique and delicious takes on cider include a ginger cider, a pineapple blend cider, peach cider, and more
Boyd Folkard, owner of Cliffside Cider.

Cliffside Cider, a craft cider house in downtown Squamish, is known for its freshly made, small batch apple cider with a twist.

In addition to its House Dry Apple known as the OG, a traditional dry cider made with B.C. Okanagan apple blends, the bar offers new, unique and delicious takes on cider including a crowd-favourite ginger cider, a pineapple blend cider, peach cider, and more.

Cliffside Cider celebrated its third anniversary on July 1.

“There's been a lot of hard work that’s gotten us here,” owner Boyd Folkard says.

“I feel like we’ve been fortunate with the circumstances. From a business perspective, it’s going really well.”

Cliffside Cider was started as a concept in 2011 and became a reality in Squamish with Folkard’s business partner Rob Weys in 2018.

“I’ve always enjoyed making cider and have made a lot of excellent homemade cider. So, I told Weys I’ll make the cider and you get it out there!” says Folkard.

While Cliffside began under various working titles, it finally came together when they found the perfect location for the bar, a hidden gem tucked away between 2nd Avenue and the alleyway with a spectacular view of the mountainside.

Folkard previously worked at the children’s hospital for a long period of time in mental health and counselling, but frequently had a second business on the side.

“I’ve always had two things on the go,” he says.

“I was brought up to be independent.”

Now Cliffside Cider has moved into distribution, offering the OG in select places around Squamish.

“Our focus is on the cider and the quality of the cider,” Folkard says.

Once they established consistent quality for the OG, they moved into distribution and will expand further this fall.

For Folkard, Cliffside’s success is down to a team effort.

“Rob has been integral to our success and Cece has been killing it as our general manager,” he says.

To learn more about Cliffside’s craft cider bar offerings, visit