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Squamish massage, shiatsu practitioner comes to you to clear your stress

Heather Donaldson, owner of Nature's Way Holistic Health, a unique mobile service explained how apres-massage bliss can be enjoyed for longer. “I may parachute into a client’s home in the evening, give everyone massages and leave them in blissful slumber. Even the family pets and children feel calm with the zen music and just from the relaxed vibe.”

She elaborates, “Our bodies hold a lot and tell a story; people are surprised by how much I can tell about their stress levels and lifestyle by reading the signs in their bodies”

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Donaldson wants people to understand that emotions trapped in our bodies not only cause muscle tension, but may underlie many of the ailments and chronic conditions that show up. Through her training she learned that our bodies and minds work in tandem. "In the Eastern traditions, the mind and body are not considered to be separate,” she says. "They are, in fact, the same entity." After many years of hearing about what makes people feel stressed, in recent years she began offering a powerful add-on, EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is very effective for overcoming stress. The US government sent therapists to use EFT to clear up PTSD among the troops in Afghanistan so they wouldn’t have to send them home.

Donaldson elaborates on how it works, "EFT involves gentle tapping on 8 meridian points, addressing uncomfortable emotions, like anger, fear or sadness." This creates a sense of calm that, she explains, "goes beyond muscle tension and goes deeper to the roots of why they are stressed, with longer lasting effects. The EFT combines well with the massage and sometimes if people have been upset by a break-up or a challenging person at work, they tell me a little about it while I do the tapping on their head, face and upper torso area.”

Her results have been impressive: “80% of people I do this with, initially report at least 80% improvement.”

She loves to teach you to use EFT on your own for quick calming on demand. All in all, it means a better bang for buck for her clients, especially since they feel fantastic afterwards and, "If you get at the sources of people's tension," she says, "They don't need massages as often as they would have otherwise."

Donaldson is well versed in every type of massage and is comfortable doing sports massage, deep tissue massage, seniors massage, as well as prenatal. She incorporates Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques for each treatment. In addition to this, her team also can offer hot stone massage, aromatherapy, facials, feet reflexology, and more.

Asked how she stays healthy naturally, she replies: “I love swimming in the lakes, hiking and biking in the mountains. As well, I enjoy dancing, yoga and teaching tai chi.”

If you would like to enter a deeper world of relaxation and health, contact Heather via her website. You can see her schedule, and book directly online.

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