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Squamish realtor brings local expertise to the housing market

Squamish realtor Jill Carter has seen everything the real estate market has to offer in her 17 years as a local realtor.

“I’ve been in the market when it was emerging, failing, and then emerging again. I’ve seen a lot of cycles,” Carter says. “But it’s been incredible to see the growth of the area, especially recently.”

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Carter began her real estate career when she moved to Squamish from Whistler when her children were small. Juggling motherhood with work, she steadily built her business.

“I’m really proud of the longevity I’ve had in this business. I’ve been doing this consistently and successfully for 17 years while raising two children,” Carter says.

As a realtor, Carter brings her local expertise and experience to the hot real estate market.

“Squamish has been a well-kept secret for a while but the word is out,” she says.

In addition to working on residential resale, Carter works on large projects and has represented a number of new builds.

“The benefit of being in the project world is that you get information ahead of everyone else,” Carter says. “You get a bit of a heads up on what the future looks like. What’s going to be in your view, what’s being built in your backyard. Good or bad, knowledge is useful when you’re buying.”

Carter’s involvement with projects gives her an edge when working on residential purchases.

“I know what’s going on,” she says.

Carter emphasizes the advantage of working with a local realtor when considering a purchase in Squamish.

“Any local realtor knows the area really well. We have amazing neighbourhoods here. Squamish is a small place with funny little quirks such as the history of certain homes and floodplains,” Carter says. “It is so important to get local expertise. Especially in a small community, you're always in good hands with a local realtor*.”

To learn more or to work with Jill Carter, visit her website at squamishhome.com.

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