The key to successful coaching

Expect more than just a coach when you bring Mike Skrypnek into your life. Consider him a friend.

That’s because his philosophy about helping people reach their true potential includes fostering close ties with someone they are truly invested in.

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It’s a philosophy Skrypnek developed through his previous career as a successful financial advisor and now as the principle behind Squamish-based Big Growth Big Impact Coaching.

“It’s something I’ve always done,” says Skrypnek. “I’ve coached sports at many levels, have been coached at competitive levels, and spent 22 years in the investment industry coaching families, entrepreneurs and high net worth people about their money and the decision-making around that.”

Ten years ago, with the biggest market collapse since the depression, Mike decided to act more purposefully in his business. Exploring a personal commitment to donate $1 million annually to charitable causes, he turned his focus to philanthropy. 

“I didn’t have my own million dollars and didn’t know how to make that gift happen thorough my business,” he says. So, he hired coaches to help him. “I found that was the best way to succeed.” As a result, the coaching aspect became his driving passion.

What Skrypnek really enjoyed about the new direction in his life was a commitment to lifelong learning. He also thrived when developing a community of coaching talent that helped to learn, grow and build.

“Masterminding with other business owners, and learning from others, then synthesizing and sharing it was important,” he says.

As an accomplished, seven-time author, international speaker and nationally recognized business coach for entrepreneurial and personal growth, Skrypnek developed a way for people to get freedom for their lives and families, while also helping them give back to their community and causes that matter most to them.

To help accomplish that, he took on the role of a caring mentor.

“I have very personal relationships with the people I coach, because I am sharing in their personal development and business growth, and ultimately their successes,” Skrypnek says.

“For most of my financial management career, I never really felt I could share my values with my clients. Heaven forbid that you would tell your clients that you love them,” he says. “I was trained to think people didn’t want that from their advisor. But that’s how I felt.”

“Now, I enjoy expressing that love and share my personal feelings and values with the people I work with.”

To find out more on how Big Growth Big Impact Coaching can help you achieve your goals, visit: or

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