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Check out this photo of a bobcat in the Squamish River Estuary

Conservationist John Buchanan spotted the lynx rufus on June 17.
Bobcat catching breakfast, Squamish River Estuary
Squamish local John Buchanan saw him this morning (June 17).

Have you spotted Bob in the Skwelwil'em Squamish Estuary Wildlife Management Area

Local John Buchanan saw him this morning (June 17) "catching breakfast."

We are talking about the resident estuary bobcat (lynx rufus), of course.

Buchanan also shot a video of the hunt and the catch, but it is not for the faint of heart. Some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

According to the District of Squamish site on wildlife, bobcats would rather avoid human interactions. "They are territorial and solitary creatures that prey on a wide range of animals i.e. rodents, rabbits, fish, small or young ungulates, livestock and pets," the site reads. "Despite being elusive animals, they are highly adaptable and will often have a territory that borders on the urban domain."

District tips to keep the bobcat and yourself safe on estuary trails: 

  • Be alert and aware at all times
  • Avoid surprise encounters by making noise — yell
  • Keep dogs leashed at all times in the estuary. (It is an offence under the BC Wildlife Act to allow your dog to pursue/chase wildlife.)
  • Look for signs of fresh bobcat activity such as claw marks on trees or logs, scat or paw prints
  • Avoid riding or running quickly and quietly as this puts you at risk for surprise encounters. Slow down going around blind corners and make noise.
  • Carry bear spray and know how to use it.

Always follow WildSafeBC's ethical wildlife photography guidelines. 


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