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Vancouver comedian to perform at Squamish's A-Frame Brewing

Ed Hill is performing on both March 1 and 2 after the first show sold out quickly.
Ed Hill, of the 2021 comedy special Candy and Smiley — which is available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video, among other platforms — is coming to A-Frame Brewing on March 1 and March 2.

A B.C. stand-up comedian who recently released a one-hour special is coming to perform in Squamish.

Ed Hill, of the 2021 comedy special Candy and Smiley — available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video, among other platforms —  is coming to A-Frame Brewing on March 1 and 2.

Both performances run from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The show also features fellow comedian Lukas Purm.

Hill said the first show is already sold out, which is why they added the second show the following day.

“People can expect an intimate, personal introspective show,” said Hill.

Born in Taiwan, Hill later immigrated to Vancouver. 

He said his show is partly about his relationship with Canada.

“I’m not very good at talking about political things or observational things,” he joked. “My wife says, ‘You’re very good at talking about yourself, so maybe just stick with that.’ That’s either extremely egotistical or absolutely profound. I don’t know.”

His recent stand-up special explored some of his family's experiences coming to this country. 

In the trailer, soft piano music plays as Hill talks about how his family chose their names after moving to Canada.

“My mom named herself Candy — like the dessert,” he says in the trailer. “And my dad named himself Smiley like a total idiot.”

“And they make no sense,” he continues after some laughter. “’Cause Smiley never smiles.”

Hill said he was pretty surprised when the first Squamish show sold out quickly, as he’s never performed here before.

“I’m very thankful that people are coming to the show. I did not expect that type of response,” he said.

To date, Hill’s relationship with Squamish sounds a bit familiar.

“Squamish is the place — whenever I [went] skiing with my parents when I was younger — it’s the place we stopped before we went to Whistler to go pee,” he said with a laugh. “We always stop at that McDonald’s.”

But, he said he’s glad to make it a longer stop this time around.

“I’m actually going explore the city a little bit rather than just pass by.”

Tickets for the March 2 show are still available for $20 plus fees on Eventbrite. For more information about Ed Hill, visit his website


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