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Local Arts

Meet the Men of Sea to Sky

Performer: Ueli Liechti Charity: West Coast Railway Heritage Park And now for something completely differentUeli Liechti will be playing the Alphorn while dressed in the traditional attire of the Guatemalan mountain tribespeople from an area called T

More Men of Sea to Sky

Performer: Mike Hughesman Charity: Breakfast Club for Children The Men of Sea to Sky Ladies' Night June 5 will mark Mike Hughesman's first official performance, but he's not nervous - in fact he is quite excited about having 200 women to entertain be

On the Wings of a Dragonfly: new show at Newport

Loreena Lee has been a professional painter and teacher for more than 30 years. She is bringing a collection of florals done in a variety of media for her Smart Exchange Society show at the Newport Gallery.

More Men of Sea to Sky

Performer: George McKenzie Charity: Squamish Health Care Foundation Do you like to enjoy life through music? So does musician George McKenzie, one of the contestants at the upcoming Men of Sea to Sky Ladies' Night fundraiser.

A BAG of mixed media

One of the best things about the Brackendale Art Gallery (BAG) is its continuous devotion to showcase a wide variety of art forms and individual expression.

A girls' night out that does a lot of good

It's Canadian Idol meets girls' night out - and no matter who wins, the community benefits. The Rotary Club of Squamish is putting together a unique event to raise funds for 10 deserving local charities.

Take it from the top, Oscar!

Phenomenal. From the first tap act to the closing cast bow, the only words to describe Howe Sound Secondary's rendition of 42nd Street are superb, phenomenal, and extraordinary.

Theatre walls to go up this week

The one amenity Squamish most clamours for is now under construction. Garibaldi Five Cinemas is expected to start showing films in October.

Broadway on Buckley

Prepare to be wowed, Broadway style! A dynamic cast of 53 students from Howe Sound Secondary's musical theatre program will draw upon their combined talents to star in the hit Broadway musical 42nd Street - a toe-tapping, foot-stomping romp full of m

Celebrating bluegrass at the BAG

The popularity of bluegrass music has experienced a recent resurgence thanks to the likes of Allison Kraus and the George Clooney movie O Brother, Where Art Thou - who have lent their talents to spread the old-time music to the masses.