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Local Arts

AT THE MOVIES: After the Sunset entertaining but not illuminating

Although After the Sunset has a lot of good elements going for it, the audience is still left in the dark about the motivations behind the characters.

American Beauty beautifully coloured

A little bit of over-the-top humour and tacky costumes can go a long way and the students performing American Beauty at the Eagle Eye Theatre this week used both. The costumes were pulled out of the worst of the 80s.

The hills are alive

The Sea to Sky Hotel is alive with the sound of frantic last-minute rehearsal. But the end result will be one of the biggest dramatic undertakings in Squamish history.

AT THE MOVIES: Incredibly fun

The Incredibles is an incredible feat of creativity. The movie follows in the Pixar tradition of A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo, using computer animation to create a convincing, but not quite real world.

AT THE MOVIES: Ray is solid gold

It's far easier to trash a film then to praise it. With Ray there's no easy way out: - it's all gold. The curtain opens and we're in 1951, Ray's 21 and heading for Seattle to play a lounge club.

One Canada, two concerts

The Festival of Canadian Arts, featuring local performers and Canadian content, returns for the 12th year with two very different events. Presented by Howe Sound Performing Arts Association, Youth in Performance opens the Festival on Thursday, Nov.

Art, Soul and skateboards

Art, music, dance and weird hair are sweeping through Squamish again. The third Art and Soul fundraiser is Nov. 6 at Totem Hall. The event is to raise money for the Squamish skate park.

ON SCREEN: Director bears a Grudge

Sam Rami has made some of the most incredible movies of our time. That being said, his particular niche was horror and the Evil Dead series truly made him a master of very cheap and sometimes hilarious horror.

AT THE MOVIES: Dancers fall on their faces

Shall We Dance, starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez, is a showcase for bad acting at its worst. Lopez, playing a dance instructor, looks like her face is made of granite.

Soloists sought for choir Christmas concert

Squamish's Sea to Sky Singers community chorus is looking for classically trained soloists for our upcoming Christmas concert. A soprano, mezzo-soprano, and alto are needed to perform Antonio Vivaldi's Gloria on Saturday, Dec. 11.
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