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CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Many tales to be told

"You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been." -Apparently, everyone who's ever lived. I think being a packrat is genetic. Something just won't let me throw anything out.

EDITORIAL: Outdoor Rec tech

One of the pieces of Squamish's future was presented to local businesspeople this week. Unfortunately, practically no one was there to hear about it.

EDITORIAL: Getting pumped

Politicians, lawyers, and used car salesman beware: the title of most unpopular occupation in society is up for grabs.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Youth gym questionable

Council dotted the "i"s and crossed the "t"s on the 2004 budget this week. The five-year financial plan put together by council is a historic one.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Worse yet to come

"I hate unions!" "I hate the government!" Personally, I hate it all. It sickens me to no end the amount of drivel from this ridiculous argument. The whole time people yell at the unions and the government they're fighting over the same thing.

EDITORIAL: Sending the wrong messages

What a difference a change in mayors makes. Barely 18 months ago, Squamish council was facing what looked like a popular revolt. The burning issue? Sea to Sky University's future was being threatened before it could even get off the ground.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Can you at least paint it?

This week, an open appeal to people who own homes used for the production of illicit drugs. I don't know for sure but I think a home in my neighbourhood is being used as an illegal drug production facility.

EDITORIAL: Save some for a rainy day

They might want to start installing a few more telephones at Municipal Hall soon - three or four dozen should do. After this year's budget is finalized and the tax bills start hitting the mail, the calls are going to start flying in fast and furious.

EDITORIAL: Zero is good

To be perfectly frank, we didn't think it would happen. But it appears the rabbit - a zero per cent net tax increase - is indeed emerging from Squamish council's budget hat, and we find ourselves applauding after all.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Knock it down and start over

Have you ordered your Squamish decorative plates yet? I wish I could make this up but it's true. Just the other day a darling friend passed me some mail that offered an interesting diversion from the usual bills, bills and more bills.
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